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The Discovery of Red Light Therapy

There is a lot of light thrown at the concept of red light therapy. AS it gains a positive following, people wish to know more about it. You therefore need to make a point of finding out what it entails. This knowledge will help you decide if you should go for its many advertised benefits.

Red light therapy is becoming more popular as time goes. It has found application in various sectors of our lives, such as in skin care clinics, dermatologist offices, plastic surgeon offices, spas, resorts, physician offices, homes, as well as tanning salons. People are now looking for more info about it. Red light therapy is a therapy that does not lead to any invasion into the body, is pain free, as well as drug free, but leads to better skin, a better body and improved health. It plays a role in some of the wellness programs out there.

There was some research done by NASA in the past where they were experimenting with red and infrared light. They discovered that not only was it beneficial to plants, but also that it considerably increased the speed of recovery from injuries for their astronauts while they were in outer space. Once they discovered this, more studies were done with a wider mix of wavelengths that showed more positive results and benefits.

They was that the lights could travel deep into our skin, and cause some positive effects. They would, for instance, stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce redness, tighten the skin, minimize the lines and wrinkles, fade away the age spots and scarring, accelerate the healing of blemishes, minimize the Rosacea symptoms, as well as increase the cellular energy.

The combination of red and infrared light travelled even further into the body. They could get beyond the skin to the tissues, joints, and bones. This penetration and the accompanying healing properties of the lights gave off a natural way for speeding up the healing process and minimizing of pain.

Red and infrared light therapy is now useful in certain processes such as reducing inflammation, increasing the production of endorphins, blocking pain-transmitting neurons, increase circulation, speeding up the healing process, increasing cellular energy, as well as repairing cellular damage.

It is important to exercise consistency and frequent treatment visits if you wish to see proper results from red light therapy. You will not see much results if you keep doing it irregularly. You need to keep a regular schedule to allow the skin and body to repair and heal on their own. With time, you will see your skin get better, your body respond well, and any pain you feel gone, without you having to take medication, or endure painful procedures.

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